Increase your crop yields by 16-30%+ or higher… While using fewer resources

Introducing a water treatment device
that is revolutionizing the farming industry

We help farmers produce a return on investment unequalled by any other agricultural product on the market today.

The secret to our product’s success is What it does to your water

We take the water you’re currently using and run it through our Crystal Blue water units and alter the very biological effects that water can have. Our units represent the very pinnacle a real-world application of advanced water science focused on how to “re-structure” it on a molecular level in order to give the agricultural industry innumerable benefits.

When your water is run through our units it’s quality and properties can majorly increase plant yields and livestock health, while also significantly decreasing water, fertilizer and pesticide usage. To dive more into HOW this all works, please check out our E-book

What we provide you is totally unique!

This is the only AG solution on the market that addresses most major concerns in farming with just the water you’re already using…
Crystal Blue water units have produced farms yield increases of 14-236% and more. Our data is garnered from many years of testing, multiple independent research organizations, testing trials performed with all of our customers ongoing.

When you use better quality water the results are effective and consistent on all crops in any climate.


See how Crystal Blue water units have increased production values on farms internationally

We offer a product to maximize crop yield and quality in an economical, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and highly specific manner.


For Crops/AG



For Food



For Livestock



Are you ready to move beyond small incremental increases in yield and efficiency, and take a leap you’ve never experienced in your business before?

Crystal Blue water unit installation is simple and can be done in 6 hours or less by a certified plumber. There are no chemicals and the technology requires little to no upkeep once installed.

Our Product’s Guarantee

All of our clients utilize our water units in their own 30-90 day trial before incorporating them into their larger operation. The purchase of the equipment is completely Risk Free and if you don’t LOVE the results you’re getting, send the technology back and receive a full refund, shipping included.

And just so you know…to date, no customer has ever returned our product! Let us see how we can help. Reach out and let us know more about your business.